Governor Of Poker 2 Game

Governor of Poker is currently one of the most popularly played virtual games. It can be played on your Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, and smartphones running on the Android and Windows Mobile platforms. The game can be downloaded and added to social networks like Facebook, MySpace and blogs. Basically, Governor of Poker is extremely accessible, catering to the gaming needs of millions of enthusiasts across the world! Developed by Youda Games, there is also a sequel to the game, Governor of Poker 2, which has some rather interesting twists.

How to play Governor of Poker

Start off by playing a Texas Holdem tournament at the local saloon in a small Texan town. Buy property with your winnings, enhance your reputation and get invited to more games. You can bet your homes, sell your homes and earn rent on your property. You can win a 24-medal series for different situations and hands. Once you win the town, you play against the towns best player to win a stallion. There are thirteen cities and towns to triumph over.

To those who are unfamiliar with Texas Holdem, each player is dealt two cards and there is a community cards set in the middle. These cards can be used to make hands while observing other players to see who is bluffing and who is not.

Analysis of Governor of Poker

The focus of Governor of Poker is more on gameplay and less on frills, thereby creating a fantastic experience. There is a choice of three skill levels, and some opponents can pose quite a challenge. You have you to figure out who is betting the true value and who is bluffing. The graphics and animation of this AI (artificial intelligence) poker game are appealing and the property buying options offer a strong incentive to play well too.

An optional and rather exhaustive tutorial takes you through the basics of Texas Holdem. If you think poker is intimidating, with its rules and terms, Governor of Poker breaks this barrier and allows even the more casual players to try their hand at the game. There is a cheat sheet that shows you the highest hand value that you can make and what cards form what hands. A hand ranking chart telling you what beats what, and on-screen tips (which can be turned off or on), and some poker advice from the townsfolk, are helpful. You will also understand more about forced bets and poker lingo as you keep playing.

Some tips on playing the game
  • You have to know when to fold your cards! Don’t bet just for the sake of betting or you risk seeing your sack of chips vanish
  • If you have the highest number of chips, you can bet opponents out of the game. But this means that they can do likewise to you. So play smartly and with a cool head
  • Purchase property wisely, as some businesses and homes will fetch you more moolah than others
Governor of Poker 2 Online

Setting the tone for Governor of Poker 2 is a storyline, where the Texas governor has deemed poker to be illegal as it is a chance-based game. It is up to you to show that poker is a game of skill and not plain luck. You can participate in a tournament held in each town you are arriving at, or opt for a cash game. The winnings you make can be used to buy real estate; you can walk around and talk to townsfolk as well. After this, you can conquer the next set of opponents as you move on to other towns. Every building you purchase fetches you a certain income per day, helping you with some cash even if your luck with the cards run out. As you win and buy buildings, you build your reputation and press forward with your support for poker legalization.

For some, the storyline may not mean much as they would rather concentrate their efforts at the table. Winning at the saloon should be your focus; you can fund your tournament by getting a loan from the bank or selling your property.

Governor of Poker 2 offers an excellent game of Texas Hold’em where the actions of your computer-controlled challengers at the table are rather interesting and give you cues. For instance, they are nervous, frazzled or fidget a bit when things are not going very well. But keep in mind that they could be bluffing and trying to cheat you! They also make some funny sounds, which are a bit choppy – if you would rather not hear these sounds, turn your speakers off.

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